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Monday, August 9, 2010

Are you better off staying in Africa/Asia?

Is it still worth migrating abroad for better opportunities?
We all watch the news I guess, and are very aware of the economic situation around the world. We probably know someone or people who have lost their jobs, or have moved to other jobs as a result of the economic crisis.

If we belong to organisations in the developing or under developed countries represented abroad, the story is "Cost cutting"

What then do we make of this? It has almost become our culture in the developing world to go abroad for greener pastures; do you think it is still worth migrating abroad for better opportunities?

I spoke to a very close colleague to get his opinion on this, and this was his view.
"Ideally, I want to stay in Africa, my heart is really in Africa, but I still want to have permanent access abroad, even at short notice..."

Then I spoke to an Indian, who lives in London, and is presently in Cameroon. She said something very interesting
"This can be compared to the concept of a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond. For instance I know people who are Engineers in India, and they come to London and end up doing manual labour, I am sure they will have a better quality of life with that qualification in India than abroad. Also I think people with very good qualifications out there, have a better chance of getting jobs in the developing or under developed countries. We are better off using our qualifications where they are needed most. However, life is generally more comfortable out there; it just depends on what we want for ourselves."

In my opinion, there is a balance we need to strike somewhere, and I think developing countries have identified it, and are working on it, the under developed countries need to up their game a little. I recognise there is a lot of work going on already, even on individual basis.

Like one of the house mates in Big Brother Africa all stars mentioned, "I look forward to a day when we will all be equal, when no country will be looked at as bigger than the other or stronger, when we will have equal opportunity... (Tanzania)"

Another housemate said "If the G8 cared so much for poor African, who still live in mud houses, and still have diseases which have solutions out there, and we cannot get treatment because we have no money - they will hold on the space crafts they are building, hold back on the wars they are financing and support us to grow, even just to half their level (Ethiopia)"

To this I say "I hear you, but it is not as easy as that" what then do you think? What can we practically do? Is Africa the place to be, or is it worth going abroad for better opportunities?

Have your say guys!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

African Time - What school do you belong to?

When it is said "African Time" the general conception to this is that, you should be at least 1 hour late. The reverse is true for Western time.

If i ask you, who are you? the answer i will get is 'your name' but that is what you are called and not who you are!

We make the mistake of letting the labels people put on us become true for us.

Who said African time meant you should be 1 hour late?

From this day on, being on time to me is "African Time" what about you?

What school do you belong to?