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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazing things happen when people Unite!

You all agree with me on my topic this morning yeah?
Nothing as great as sharing, holding hands and pulling each other along.
Nothing as good as identifying Greatness and Talent.

As for me, i am on with Dunia Magazine, what about you?
They say:

The beauty of success is that it honors our values.
It honors who we are and how we were raised.

The cultural perspectives that shape our worldviews have the potential to bring us unimaginable success.

We are excited to bring you Dunia Magazine
Dunia profiles people who have tapped into their cultural uniqueness to guarantee themselves success.

We invite you to join us in exploring how your own values can motivate and launch you to a fulfilled life as well.

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Congratulations Guys!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Anything you create will start with a single thought. This thought could go on to many different crazy thoughts, however, if you keep the passion and vision alive, the thought stays and more so comes to pass.

Did you know "whatever you think about, you bring about"?

In all this, be flexible, so you can take on new ideas and thoughts, which could lead you to something new and even better or maybe different - whatever the case, the important thing is, you did give it some thought, and most of all, tried new things.

If you get to this point, there is evidence you are in action, you are open to change and you are thinking!

Did you know that creation is to think up new things and Innovation is actually doing new things?

Put your ideas into motion, be a creator and an inventor, place your ideas on paper and on the ground as well!

What do we make of our History?

There is no History without a past; there will be no History without a present, nor a plan for the future. We have a past, we are in the present anyway, and we have great minds to work out the future.
What then do we make of our History?

Tell me if you differ, what you will be thinking about...

I am standing here in the Indira Gandhi museum, the place where he is said to have died in. This is only one of the numerous Historical buildings you find around this country. Imagine the impact this has on the economy of the country, the image of the country, pride of citizens and why not the politics of the country? Even a taxi man feels obliged to introduce the Historical heritage of his beloved fatherland to a visitor.

Mark you, this is a country with huge levels of poverty, (so huge India is said to be stubbornly behind achieving the MDG's) political instability here and there, intense class distinction and enormous tribalism, an uncontrollably huge population... just to name a few challenges. Yet something is working.

I'll tell you why something is working despite the above.

As much as the focus is on the issues, so is there a lot of focus on what can be done, and like i keep saying, lets focus on what works!

Fellow Cameroonians, Beloved Africans, My beloved in the Diaspora, the time is now!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Incredible Taj Mahal

This is what the entire Taj Mahal looks like, and it's built with pure mable no miss of cement or rods whatsoever. The roses decorated with colourful mable has about 16 pieces to each rose, and if you think this is amazing, you will absolutely need to see the works done this day, where one little rose can have up to 69 pieces on them.

This is the Ford, where the author of this wonder spent the last years of his life, though under house arrest, this was very much home to him, and equally constructed with a lot detail and durable material.

I was also opportuned to get some poses with India's future.

I was able to warm my way into these beautiful shy Indian girls, as we posed to a pic, with as u will guess, spectators... fun though!

Totally exhausted and sweaty after going all the way up to the Taj, then going underground to see the original tombs,then back up to see the symbolic ones. That to me was pretty much it!

One of the 4 guest houses, the first one you see as you arrive.

I was in High spirit as i was about to walk this wonder

The Taj Mahal

pictures may speak for themselves, without which, i will let you in on the bits and pieces of the Taj as time rolls on.

The story behind this building is one of LOVE for which I can say with certitude will not happen in these days for several reasons – these reasons could be economic, social, political or personal... but I tell you, it will be a hard one for this day and time.
You can also read about it and the brief history from http://www.islamicity.com/culture/taj/default.htm

Once again, I could see in a people, uniform knowledge of tradition, history, talent, patience and love for their fatherland.

The original tombs of the Taj Mahal are opened once a year for remembrance, and on this one day of the year – I happen to be there! It felt like a blessing as I lived the history of the people with them, felt the intensity in the air as the crowds pulled in and indeed I felt the people.

Expensive as it was to get there, both in time and cash, exhausted and dehydrated as I was by the end of the tour, it was a very glorious 2hours of anytime i have spent in the last year, and yet I still could not resist the glamour of the home of this great man who came up with the concept for this very exquisite work of arts – the Ford, where he lived the last 8 years of his life, (though under house arrest by his own son.) That again is a detailed work of art.

The whole building of the Taj Mahal, is made of pure Mable, and decorated with flowers - each flower is said to have about 16 pieces of colourful well shaped pieces to it, i actually went to the site where these very patient men sit all day and make every piece to fit the bills of their inventions, and after seeing this, it was no wonder to me that it took 22 years to complete this structure, with about 22,000 Persians involved.

I definitely cannot have a complete story up for you now, but will as goes on.

African solutions for African Problems

Does Africa Need Democracy?

In an up close and personal Interview on BBC with Kofi Anan, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Graca Michel and Lacta Brahini, they examined this topic with so much passion. When asked the question “If there is one thing you could change in Africa, what will it be?”

Bishop Tutu said, its leaders
Kofi Anan said a genuine effort to implement the MDG’s given we only have 5 years to go, and he laid emphasis on the poor.
Graca Michel said, Africa needs to change the way it looks at and treats women.
And Finally Lacta Brahini said, we should have a look at the promise on Africa, as the gap between the haves and the have not’s it huge and thus should be bridged.

Now, in my capacity as an African, I want to paint a bigger picture from a small story, once again, I’ll refer you to a developing world I know of... (I still wonder what the criteria for classification is) ... where you see the last person - despite the gap in the haves and the have not’s – working very hard, and i mean very hard, doing their bit with conviction and vision.

The love people show for their jobs or any activity they undertake, is a sign of responsibility for their lives and their community and most of all for their country and its image – Patriotism

The image I am talking about here is physical, which if looked at critically, you will agree with me that it hugely influences the mind – Perception! Whatever you stand for, starts from the visual, Yes! The image you see, and of course the ultimate ATTITUDE, which has a physical aspect as well.

Here i am talking about a forth coming personality, which shows interest, attention, advancement... Let’s take an image of a first visit to Kenya on a safari. As you arrive the hotel for the first time, the car door is opened for you and you a greeted by a traditionally dressed Masai man with a broad smile, in the traditional way as he welcomes you to his country... This you will need to experience to know the feeling, and I tell you, this man’s position goes beyond just a job, as it gives you a warm feeling inside when genuinely expressed. This again is done with no expectations.

When you go around a country and everyone talks to you about the same places, or same place of interest, the message is same, the passion is same, the interest same and in most cases, for love and pride of their fatherland – What else would you expect from a people like this, if not advancement?

I listened to the Ghanaian players being interviewed. Different people on different occasions on the same issues, their responses were in line with each others, their vision was same, their attitude same, and they shared the same confidence for each other. All I could think about at that point is “they are truly a team” and you could see that from their performance at the world cup 2010!

Come travel with me, as i visit the highly recommended “Taj Mahal” one of the world’s wonders and now the most beautiful structure in the world.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

India, Incredible India

This to me is a statement of fact. Whoever made up that advert was correct.

I have wondered and still wonder, how? Despite the huge population, the poverty, The difference , the class distinction, India is still the practical, well structured and economically vibrant group of people. The quickest answers that come to my mind are:

- They are true to their traditions
- They trust and believe in themselves, not letting external influences have an effect on them.
- They all do their bit as expected by their country for them in their little corner.
- They are ready to stretch, and can live in any condition and any place by their nature (first hand info)

This brings me to my big point on ATTITUDE (as u can see, there is no way I can stop talking about attitude, as it is the start of every venture)

These people have moved from just talking and inventing on paper to actual creation and utilization. There is this saying by Confusius used by the “dance 4 life” initiative:

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”

There’s nothing as important as actually understanding where the challenge is or rather, where the opportunity is.

My challenge with my beloved country is identifying where the real issues lie (I wonder if you agree with me?) without sounding political or negative.

What's left then for us to do, other than getting involved so as to understand and most of all, take action.

Guys, what lessons can we possibly learn from No 1 economies? To me, we will only get it confused and mixed up, as there is no transition to pick up from whatsoever.

wouldn’t you then agree with me that India and China are the way to go for us? These guys are incredible, but again, at what cost?

NB: join me at the power of ideas www.ideas.economictimes.com tomorrow in Delhi and get answers to those burning issues in our beloved continent – Africa!

Deliver and Fly

In my opinion, we create our destinies. There are choices we make in life viewed differently by different people, as crazy, unreasonable or achievable and it is at this point that I agree with my friend Nielle Donald Walsh, who says “there is no wrong or right… it is just the way you do it…” Here again, ATTITUDE comes to play.

Just to share with you thoughts from a paper I read about humble beginnings, people who fought the odds from homeless cattle rarer with no parents to a multi millionaire and a voice for thousands. You definitely can name hundreds of such people in our community and beloved continent, I’ll tell you about a few in a bit.

All we need is the grit, the determination, the perseverance, the courage, the patience, the ability to keep learning and to take risks! This will take us to success.

In a country like ours where money talks, where influence is of great importance, where the law acts lightly on those with money and influence. It may interest you to know that there are people who can still beat the system and come out on top. This to me is a message of hope to every single one of us.

There is a whole world out there full of opportunities, have your pick, and do the needful. Deliver the goods, and Hey! Who will hold u then from flying? NOBODY!