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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Talent in Action

Once more I had the opportunity to meet one of our outstanding Cameroonian artist Syl Annim, in her little corner, bent over in her art work, barely a few hours before she took off for her base - Nigeria. We chatted at length about our passions, interests, goals, dreams... and in her very gentle, polite and soft spoken manner, I saw determination, self motivation, hard work and a vision for her country. She is on her way to Lagos, to arm herself and be back by the first if February to take part in the week long Fashion event in Douala! Watch out for Syl in 2010!

VS:Tell me a little about Syl

Syl: I am Sylvie Mbuta Annim, but everyone calls me Syl Annim, and thats the name for my label, I am an actress and a fashion designer... (laughing she asks, what else?)

VS: What's a typical day like for you in Lagos?

Syl: normally I sleep late cos I work round the clock, but when I'm on set I wake up at six am to go to location, then I come back home to my designing. I travel around sometimes for shooting, and when I do, I go with my hand work, and if I am not on a scene, while waiting, I am knitting or working on my designs.

VS: You have lived in both Cameroon and Nigeria, what are the strengths you think Cameroon processes?

Syl: There is a lot of talent in Cameroon, and we need to get people to help bring out the talent.

VS: What positive aspect about Nigeria do you think Cameroon should copy?

Syl: Nigerians are very industrious and hard working people, they take risks, they get out of their comfort zones and try new things. The country's Economy favours growth. When I look at Cameroon and all it's potential, one of the major set backs on business men, investors or growing businesses, is the tax. Cameroon needs to review it's tax policy to make investment favourable.

VS:What's your goal being in Nigeria?

Syl: I left for Nigeria to get into acting. Back here in Cameroon, I started acting, but the industry is still very young, so to grow, I needed to be in a booming and competitive market. While in Nigeria, being an upcoming actress, jobs don't come by that often, so I needed to try my hand in something else, thats how I started designing. So I am basically in Nigeria to gain all the knowledge available in these areas of art, then come back home, and grow the business.

VS: I know you have plans for the Cameroonian market, please let me in on some of them.

Syl: I plan to start a training centre to make most of my designs, train interested young Cameroonians on every single idea I have. There will be a lot of such ideas coming up from me in the near future.

VS: Wow, Syl, that's sounds really nice, please do call on VS if you need any help, we will be happy to be a part of your crew.
So what will you tell Cameroonian youth if given the opportunity?

Syl: Let them believe in themselves, search deep to discover their talents, and work towards it. Let them follow their God given instincts, and take risks, and not just do things because the rest of the world is doing. Let them be bold, and try their hands in everything possible, till they find themselves.

VS: Thank you very much Syl, we hope to have you here again very soon, and this time physically why not? do have a save trip back as well. byeeeee!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Exclusive Interview

As I think about this outstanding Cameroonian, I can think of a hundred adjectives to describe him. New face of KiRette Couture, Africa’s sexiest man, among top 50 to be looked out for, Hollywood star, upcoming for Nollywood… what have you?

With all these to a name, wouldn’t you understand my excitement at having David Nso in a one to one session?

In an interview with David in Yaounde on the 2nd of January 2010 in my little corner, he gave me an interesting inside of his personality... i will tell you what i think just after the interview, feel free to let me in on your views as well.

VS welcomed David Nso to Vision-Shakers in all excitement and anticipation.
Whats a typical day like or you in New York?

David Thank you for having me today on Vision Shakers, I am very glad to be here. A typical day for me starts about 5am, when i wake up, take a shower and go to the gym. Apart from ;odeling i do have a daily job, which is in health and fitness. I improve people's lives through exercise, and after lunch i go for casting either for a role in a movie or modeling, i have agencies i work with, so this is taken care of by them. There after, i meet my health fitness clients again for the next half of the day in the gym. I don't deviate from my goal of becoming a role model to most people.

VS: I know you are very African, but as far as your profession is concerned, what has your African experience been like?

David: It has been a dream come true, as i have always wanted to bring back home the experience i have been able to get from the United States. I came back home and have met a lot of interesting people. There is a whole lot to do in Africa, not just Cameroon, Nigeria or SouthAfrica. Particularly, Cameroon is still very virgin as far as fassion and movies are concerned, and those are basically the areas i am interested in working in, i have a passion in those areas.
Like i mentioned, i have met a lot of interesting people in Cameroon during this visit whom i will be working with eventually. So i am very greatful for the step i took by making this trip.

VS: what are your plans for the future in your carrier both abroad and in Africa?

David: My goals in Africa are enormous, there is a lot i want to achieve, I want to keep inspiring people especially the youth. My goal is becoming an icon, not only for Africa, but the World. I want people to be able to look up to me and from my experience and achievement be able to say "look at David, he came from nothing to all this" just to say i represent my culture and fashion in Cameroon, because thats where i trace my origins to, and thats where i come from.
This is exactly what i want to stand for to the Cameroonian youth, because, most of them have a creative mind, but don't have the tools to go forward, so that will be my altimate goal to push them forward to achieve what it takes.

VS: How do you feel being nominated one of Africa's Sexiests men?

David: Oh My God! Thats the one thing that has moved me recently. When i saw it on the internet, i was touched and i told myself "if i can do it, then any body can" and i realised, it is all about your passion, your devotion, and how badly you want something. I also noted, it is not all about the looks, but it's more what you've done, how you carry yourself, your attitude, culture and stuff like that... More to this, the question that has been on my mind is what you do with a title like this, it is not all about becoming the sexiest man, but use it as a tool to educate people as you go around. i want to thank Jamati for voting me as one of the sexiest men, and i promise to use it as a tool to educate youth in Cameroon, Africa and the world.

VS: you mentioned Cameroon is still very virgin in this field, and after your visit, i can see alot of young people interested in walking your path, what can you tell them to keep them walking?

David: I will tell tell every young person who wants to walk my path the experience i had, and basically i will say, being black you have alot more to do. You have to work twice as hard as everyone else, because there is a lot of rejection in this industry. When you get that kind of rejection, it does not mean you don't have what it takes, you should be able to dust yourself and move on.

Thank you David for honouring my invitation, and we wish you only the cream of the best as you glide on to ecstacy...

Need i tell you any more? doesn't he say it all? vision? passion? purpose? direction? focus?...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DC's Top 50 Talents

Talking about talent, i urge you all to look out for these Cameroonian talents, do our best to support them, encourage them and work our way that direction in the following year! Thumbs up guys!

In a previous article i spoke to you about KiRette Couture, these girls are only starting, yet they are already giving. They supported one of their Bamenda sisters living with HIV (Florence Akwachere - who was happy to meet all those present, and in her address she said "when you have faith, everything is possible" she is happy and living healthy)and to them KiRette is all about giving. What do you recon they will be doing by the time they are in their 5th Year...

There are others on this list who have the courage to stand the scrutinising eyes of the public by taking part in reality TV shows, yet we wonder if there is talent in Cameroon? watchout!

There are others who dare to take their hubbies to another level, i am talking here about people like Wax who have a face in show biz as well as the corperate world, yet are able to stay way above water in both worlds and are willing to hold the hands of those who are interesting in a swim, I am talking about emerging stars like G Baye who are walking Wax's path.

There are Cameroonians toping international competions like Africa's sexiest man - David Nso, who has been thrilling Nigeria and Cameroon from the moment he landed from New York recently! Nollywood is trailing him as he walks the corridors of Hollywood. Cameroon has your back man!

The list goes on and on... do look up dulcecamer and let me know what you think...