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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DC's Top 50 Talents

Talking about talent, i urge you all to look out for these Cameroonian talents, do our best to support them, encourage them and work our way that direction in the following year! Thumbs up guys!

In a previous article i spoke to you about KiRette Couture, these girls are only starting, yet they are already giving. They supported one of their Bamenda sisters living with HIV (Florence Akwachere - who was happy to meet all those present, and in her address she said "when you have faith, everything is possible" she is happy and living healthy)and to them KiRette is all about giving. What do you recon they will be doing by the time they are in their 5th Year...

There are others on this list who have the courage to stand the scrutinising eyes of the public by taking part in reality TV shows, yet we wonder if there is talent in Cameroon? watchout!

There are others who dare to take their hubbies to another level, i am talking here about people like Wax who have a face in show biz as well as the corperate world, yet are able to stay way above water in both worlds and are willing to hold the hands of those who are interesting in a swim, I am talking about emerging stars like G Baye who are walking Wax's path.

There are Cameroonians toping international competions like Africa's sexiest man - David Nso, who has been thrilling Nigeria and Cameroon from the moment he landed from New York recently! Nollywood is trailing him as he walks the corridors of Hollywood. Cameroon has your back man!

The list goes on and on... do look up dulcecamer and let me know what you think...

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