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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zakumi - A Mascot with attitude

The University games in Yaounde II - Soa, started on Sartuday the 17th of April in grand style. All higher institutions of the country represented, members of the school administration and top government officials.

After the ellaborate speeches and words of welcome to the anxcious crowd of students came the parade from the universities and institutions represented.

The grand moment came, when the big guy showed up - Zakumi - the world cup 2010 mascot.
'Za' stands for 'South Africa' and 'Kumi' for '10'.
This guy has got attitude, you all have to know about him, he is painfully representative of our continent, and we just have to love him. details about zakumi on

feed your eyes!

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  1. Nice pic K
    I finally get to see Sth Africa 10!!
    T Ntemgwa