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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"UBUNTU' my People!

At the Pan African event

Posing with the East African guys

Senegal represented

South Africa in the mix

Cameroonians in colour

East African girls

Presenting "Africa in Miniature" (Cameroon) to the Zambian President (Banda)

In an effort to be as close to Kenneth Kaunda as possible

Representing Cameroon in a Pan-African invent in Zambia was an opportunity for me to be exposed to the idea of expressing myself with my culture, focus on what we have as Africans, what works in Africa and how to create a united Africa.

"UBUNTU" (Brotherhood, Togetherness) was the theme of the Pan-African event, and to me it says it all. It is time for Africa and Africans to realise that, the spirit of "UBUNTU" is what we need to break the barriers and be one.

The barriers i am talking about are not necessarily physical, we sure need the physical for naming purposes, for order and for consistency. The barriers i am talking about are mental, appreciating the difference in each and everyone of us,using what we have (riches) to get what we want (development).

It is important for us to explore our differences by expressing our selves. The kind of expression i am talking about, is being proud of where we come from and where we want to go. The kind of expression i am talking about here is more cultural than verbal.

We need commitment from within in every endeavour we undertake, courageous as ever, be creative and move from the steriotypes. Be curious enough to move from one level to the other, and to move from our comfort zones by being the changes we want to see in our world. Most important of all these to me, and i know i am repeating it, is - to contribute to the development of Africa by appreciating our differences.

When we successfully appreciate differences in people, cultures, ideas, rules... we start loving our selves and focus on improving rather than criticising.

The Pan-African event was a time to celebrate our continent, it's past, present and future leaders. We met great minds like Kenneth Kaunda (KK)- first president of Zambia, Today's president of Zambia - Rupiah Banda, top class young business men, breaking grounds in the most difficult economies like Zimbabwe and most important the future leaders of Africa in attendance, to talk around pertinent issues in our continent, and brainstorming on how to tackle challenges in our different communities.

"Vision Shaker" joins you today as you bring on your passion, and encourages you to push forward, and don't hold back, believing in yourself honestly from within.

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