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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bamenda did Rock last year, Be there!

Following the success of KiRette Couture’s Bamenda Rocks! 2009 the forward thinking label returns with an explosive second installment.

But unlike last year’s event, the upcoming spectacle will cross Bamenda’s borders to celebrate the diversity and creativity of designers from different parts of Cameroon.

“It was great to celebrate Bamenda’s contribution to our nation’s style and entertainment scenes last year. But it is also vital to honour our inextricable link with the rest of Cameroon especially as we forge a brighter future after 50 years of nationhood,” explained KC Co-founder, Anrette Ngafor.

KiRette Couture will lead Rodrig Tchatcho, Syl Anim, Tia MacRen, Nuvi Designs and Dilisous Coucou in a breathtaking catwalk to spotlight the nation’s burgeoning style scene.
Themed “grassroots explosion,” the show also has a strong economic development focus.

“We chose this theme because we have realised that genuine economic development occurs from the grassroots. Through Bamenda Rocks! we empower young, up-and-coming designers by giving them a platform for further their development,” explained Kibonen Nfi, CEO of KiRette Couture.

The event will also feature performances from hip-hop megastar, Valsero, R & B collective, BAAM, Landry Njapa (Afro Soul) and Excel (Nigerian Beats)

VIP guests will rub shoulders with the designers at an intimate pre-event wine tasting session from (5.00pm- 7.00pm) Fashion Show from 7.00pm -10.00pm and after party from 10.00pm.

But Bamenda Rocks! is more than just about style and glamour. With an impressive international portfolio of charity activities its organisers place community development at the core of their operations.

Proceeds from last year’s event were donated to the Our Lady of Fatima Handicap Centre, Bambili. This year’s show will benefit Splash Networks International “fight against cancer in Africa” is a nexus of young Cameroonians who have come together in order to inspire a progressive culture through the use of natural talents. It seeks to open a new avenue in fighting poverty, presenting a new format in gaining mental independence by the young generation, tapping the innate abilities which lie fallow in many youths and adults and to liberate society from mental stagnation and servitude


Established in 2008 by Kibonen Nfi and Anrette Ngafor, KiRette Couture is an African-inspired brand with a global footprint.

Its chic wear products are inspired by the toghu, a colourful and intricately embroidered outfit used for special occasions by the people of Cameroon’s Western Highlands region.

KC has graced several prestigious runway shows including Nigeria’s Next Super Model as one of the official designers for the event.
African Fashion Week NewYork, Fashion TV South Africa, Dressed contestants at the Lagos-based Ovation Red Carol 2009 event and London’s CamerCouture

Barely a year into its existence, the label earned a UK Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts (BEFFTA) award nomination for Best Female Designer.

Bamenda Rocks 2! will take place at the pool area, Ayaba Hotel on Saturday 26 December 2010. The event will run from 5.30pm till 10pm

Ticket prices:

Standard: CFA 10000 per person
Classic :CFA 15000 per person
VIP: CFA 25000 per person.

To purchase tickets, please contact Fichian Nfi (Cameroon) on: + 237 77 96 59 58 or email: fichon2002@yahoo.com
Glenyse Neng (Cameroon ) on + 237 77 40 19 38

Contact information

International press & media enquiries:

Cynthia Anduhtabe (UK) on tel: +44 7834 321 373 or email: camercouture@yahoo.com

Ngum Ngafor (UK) on tel: +44 7944 043 954 or email: ngum.ngafor@googlemail.com

Press & media enquiries in Cameroon:

Mirabel Nfihkela (CMR) on tel :+237 75 87 78 42 or email: mirabel1224@yahoo.com

Bertrand Tiotsop (CMR) on tel :+237 99 57 36 41 or email : bertrand_tiotsop @yahoo.fr

Travel info:
Guarantee Express from any city in Cameroon goes to BAmenda


Ayaba Hotel – CFA 30.000 excluding breakfast and food.

Mondial Hotel:
Single rooms with TV – CFA 14.500.
Double with TV - CFA 16.000.
Suite with TV - suite 22.000
Rooms with no TV - 7.500

Mansfield Hotel - CFA 18.000- CFA 30.000 excluding breakfast

Are all rooms charged at per night.

All rooms are charged at standard hotel prices.
Prices may be discounted depending if we have many people per booking they might get a discount .

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