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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Anything you create will start with a single thought. This thought could go on to many different crazy thoughts, however, if you keep the passion and vision alive, the thought stays and more so comes to pass.

Did you know "whatever you think about, you bring about"?

In all this, be flexible, so you can take on new ideas and thoughts, which could lead you to something new and even better or maybe different - whatever the case, the important thing is, you did give it some thought, and most of all, tried new things.

If you get to this point, there is evidence you are in action, you are open to change and you are thinking!

Did you know that creation is to think up new things and Innovation is actually doing new things?

Put your ideas into motion, be a creator and an inventor, place your ideas on paper and on the ground as well!

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