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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazing things happen when people Unite!

You all agree with me on my topic this morning yeah?
Nothing as great as sharing, holding hands and pulling each other along.
Nothing as good as identifying Greatness and Talent.

As for me, i am on with Dunia Magazine, what about you?
They say:

The beauty of success is that it honors our values.
It honors who we are and how we were raised.

The cultural perspectives that shape our worldviews have the potential to bring us unimaginable success.

We are excited to bring you Dunia Magazine
Dunia profiles people who have tapped into their cultural uniqueness to guarantee themselves success.

We invite you to join us in exploring how your own values can motivate and launch you to a fulfilled life as well.

Please look up this sight http://www.duniamagazine.com/
subscribe and be the first to know as the first colourful and rocking edition hits the market.

If you have an idea of outstanding people, if you have something to say, here is a chance to put out whatever your thoughts are. Please contact:

Lema Nsah – USA : www.blogface2face.com
Nicoline Ambe - USA : www.growthmentality.com
Zuzeeko Abeng - Finland : www.zuzeeko.com

Congratulations Guys!

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