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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Incredible Taj Mahal

This is what the entire Taj Mahal looks like, and it's built with pure mable no miss of cement or rods whatsoever. The roses decorated with colourful mable has about 16 pieces to each rose, and if you think this is amazing, you will absolutely need to see the works done this day, where one little rose can have up to 69 pieces on them.

This is the Ford, where the author of this wonder spent the last years of his life, though under house arrest, this was very much home to him, and equally constructed with a lot detail and durable material.

I was also opportuned to get some poses with India's future.

I was able to warm my way into these beautiful shy Indian girls, as we posed to a pic, with as u will guess, spectators... fun though!

Totally exhausted and sweaty after going all the way up to the Taj, then going underground to see the original tombs,then back up to see the symbolic ones. That to me was pretty much it!

One of the 4 guest houses, the first one you see as you arrive.

I was in High spirit as i was about to walk this wonder

The Taj Mahal

pictures may speak for themselves, without which, i will let you in on the bits and pieces of the Taj as time rolls on.

The story behind this building is one of LOVE for which I can say with certitude will not happen in these days for several reasons – these reasons could be economic, social, political or personal... but I tell you, it will be a hard one for this day and time.
You can also read about it and the brief history from http://www.islamicity.com/culture/taj/default.htm

Once again, I could see in a people, uniform knowledge of tradition, history, talent, patience and love for their fatherland.

The original tombs of the Taj Mahal are opened once a year for remembrance, and on this one day of the year – I happen to be there! It felt like a blessing as I lived the history of the people with them, felt the intensity in the air as the crowds pulled in and indeed I felt the people.

Expensive as it was to get there, both in time and cash, exhausted and dehydrated as I was by the end of the tour, it was a very glorious 2hours of anytime i have spent in the last year, and yet I still could not resist the glamour of the home of this great man who came up with the concept for this very exquisite work of arts – the Ford, where he lived the last 8 years of his life, (though under house arrest by his own son.) That again is a detailed work of art.

The whole building of the Taj Mahal, is made of pure Mable, and decorated with flowers - each flower is said to have about 16 pieces of colourful well shaped pieces to it, i actually went to the site where these very patient men sit all day and make every piece to fit the bills of their inventions, and after seeing this, it was no wonder to me that it took 22 years to complete this structure, with about 22,000 Persians involved.

I definitely cannot have a complete story up for you now, but will as goes on.


  1. KK....22yrs & 22,000 Persians to complete?? Na wah oh....some structure huh! The trip is definitely soo much fun!I will be back for part II of the story..lol!

  2. hahahaaha Yef, amazing girl... i tell u, got the videos, will try to put them up as well.