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Monday, July 12, 2010

African solutions for African Problems

Does Africa Need Democracy?

In an up close and personal Interview on BBC with Kofi Anan, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Graca Michel and Lacta Brahini, they examined this topic with so much passion. When asked the question “If there is one thing you could change in Africa, what will it be?”

Bishop Tutu said, its leaders
Kofi Anan said a genuine effort to implement the MDG’s given we only have 5 years to go, and he laid emphasis on the poor.
Graca Michel said, Africa needs to change the way it looks at and treats women.
And Finally Lacta Brahini said, we should have a look at the promise on Africa, as the gap between the haves and the have not’s it huge and thus should be bridged.

Now, in my capacity as an African, I want to paint a bigger picture from a small story, once again, I’ll refer you to a developing world I know of... (I still wonder what the criteria for classification is) ... where you see the last person - despite the gap in the haves and the have not’s – working very hard, and i mean very hard, doing their bit with conviction and vision.

The love people show for their jobs or any activity they undertake, is a sign of responsibility for their lives and their community and most of all for their country and its image – Patriotism

The image I am talking about here is physical, which if looked at critically, you will agree with me that it hugely influences the mind – Perception! Whatever you stand for, starts from the visual, Yes! The image you see, and of course the ultimate ATTITUDE, which has a physical aspect as well.

Here i am talking about a forth coming personality, which shows interest, attention, advancement... Let’s take an image of a first visit to Kenya on a safari. As you arrive the hotel for the first time, the car door is opened for you and you a greeted by a traditionally dressed Masai man with a broad smile, in the traditional way as he welcomes you to his country... This you will need to experience to know the feeling, and I tell you, this man’s position goes beyond just a job, as it gives you a warm feeling inside when genuinely expressed. This again is done with no expectations.

When you go around a country and everyone talks to you about the same places, or same place of interest, the message is same, the passion is same, the interest same and in most cases, for love and pride of their fatherland – What else would you expect from a people like this, if not advancement?

I listened to the Ghanaian players being interviewed. Different people on different occasions on the same issues, their responses were in line with each others, their vision was same, their attitude same, and they shared the same confidence for each other. All I could think about at that point is “they are truly a team” and you could see that from their performance at the world cup 2010!

Come travel with me, as i visit the highly recommended “Taj Mahal” one of the world’s wonders and now the most beautiful structure in the world.

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