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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What do we make of our History?

There is no History without a past; there will be no History without a present, nor a plan for the future. We have a past, we are in the present anyway, and we have great minds to work out the future.
What then do we make of our History?

Tell me if you differ, what you will be thinking about...

I am standing here in the Indira Gandhi museum, the place where he is said to have died in. This is only one of the numerous Historical buildings you find around this country. Imagine the impact this has on the economy of the country, the image of the country, pride of citizens and why not the politics of the country? Even a taxi man feels obliged to introduce the Historical heritage of his beloved fatherland to a visitor.

Mark you, this is a country with huge levels of poverty, (so huge India is said to be stubbornly behind achieving the MDG's) political instability here and there, intense class distinction and enormous tribalism, an uncontrollably huge population... just to name a few challenges. Yet something is working.

I'll tell you why something is working despite the above.

As much as the focus is on the issues, so is there a lot of focus on what can be done, and like i keep saying, lets focus on what works!

Fellow Cameroonians, Beloved Africans, My beloved in the Diaspora, the time is now!


  1. Brilliant observation Kelen! Just to add that India's break up with Socialism in 1992 changed the face of this country. The list of problems is good enough to depress the biggest optimist of them all. It's a nation of hunger deaths contrasting with space exploration. Now the challenge is to pull masses out of abject penury, i hope we can do it.


  2. Right! exactly my point, there is a plan to work it out,good thing you have Hope, thats all we need to move on. We're in this together!