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Thursday, July 8, 2010

India, Incredible India

This to me is a statement of fact. Whoever made up that advert was correct.

I have wondered and still wonder, how? Despite the huge population, the poverty, The difference , the class distinction, India is still the practical, well structured and economically vibrant group of people. The quickest answers that come to my mind are:

- They are true to their traditions
- They trust and believe in themselves, not letting external influences have an effect on them.
- They all do their bit as expected by their country for them in their little corner.
- They are ready to stretch, and can live in any condition and any place by their nature (first hand info)

This brings me to my big point on ATTITUDE (as u can see, there is no way I can stop talking about attitude, as it is the start of every venture)

These people have moved from just talking and inventing on paper to actual creation and utilization. There is this saying by Confusius used by the “dance 4 life” initiative:

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”

There’s nothing as important as actually understanding where the challenge is or rather, where the opportunity is.

My challenge with my beloved country is identifying where the real issues lie (I wonder if you agree with me?) without sounding political or negative.

What's left then for us to do, other than getting involved so as to understand and most of all, take action.

Guys, what lessons can we possibly learn from No 1 economies? To me, we will only get it confused and mixed up, as there is no transition to pick up from whatsoever.

wouldn’t you then agree with me that India and China are the way to go for us? These guys are incredible, but again, at what cost?

NB: join me at the power of ideas www.ideas.economictimes.com tomorrow in Delhi and get answers to those burning issues in our beloved continent – Africa!

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